Bits and pieces from James Brown’s life auctioned

Are you a fan of James Brown? More importantly are you a rich fan of James Brown? If not then you are just going to be extremely envious at what I have to say. It’s crazy to what lengths fans will go to own a piece of something from their idol’s life. I mean, I can definitely understand spendng money on his clothes like capes and jumpsuits, his musical instruments and even his awards. But when people start bidding for things like cans of hairspray, now that’s a tad disturbing. All these bits of James Brown collectively fetched a hefty sum of $800,000 at the auction in New York. There’s no charity involved here however, the funds raised here will be put towards paying outstanding tax bills. The item that sold for the highest amount was a black cape that had ‘James Brown’ embroidered on it and it sold for $47,500. Amongst other items were his 1986 Grammy for Living in America, and a Yamaha baby grand piano that went for a large amount. Other tid bits from his life included a childhood photograph, a variety of handwritten notes and letters, and Brown’s personal stereo. The item that interests me is the pink sofa that was sold for $40,000. Other items sold at this James Brown auction were cigarette lighter, cigarette case, and a James Brown “Dancing and Shouting” doll that sings I Feel Good.