British squatter sells back land to taxpayers for $737,000

If you want to make a lot of money in Great Britain, all you would need to do perhaps is to occupy public space and claim squatters rights later, and sell the land back to the authorities for a horrendous amount. Rosie Watson, a 69 year old Gypsy woman has claimed squatter’s rights on the woods next to her house and will sell it back to the taxpayers for an amount of $737,000. She claims she took care of the one acre land by growing vegetables and letting her kids play.

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Horse trainer Martin Pipe, who lives nearby has contested against the sale terming it illegal as he owns a part of the land she is selling it. Nevertheless, she might just become $737,000 richer if she manages to sell the land back to the authorities, who in turn plan to convert the land into a permanent traveler’s area with facilities such as drinking water, plush toilets, luxurious showers and other amenities. Meanwhile, credit crunch had forced Britain’s richest man to rent property.
Via: Daily Mail

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