Celebrity shoes sold on auction to raise funds for good causes

Several movie stars, athletes, and television personalities have donated their shoes in the past to raise funds for good causes and they have always been a success. This time 19 pairs of shoes will be auctioned on eBay for Cash for kids, Cancer Research Foundation, No More Landmines, and Agnus College Charitable Trust. Agnus College staff collected all of the shoes, and last year they created a three-mile line of pairs of shoes, which was supposedly the longest they have ever recorded. 19th October will be the last day for the closing of the bids for slippers, trainers, and high heels.

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Charities in Africa and Asia received more than 20,000 pairs from the collection. The collection comprises of Sir Elton John’s 1975 original stage shoes, Andy Murray’s shoes, Footballer’s boots such as Barry Ferguson’s, Stephen Fry’s Hairy Monster slippers, Robin William’s hand made Gold trainers, Emma Thompson’s Jimmy Choo shoes, Jo Brand’s Smelly Plimsolls, and several others.

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