Check out the “The Pink Promise” diamond that just sold for over $31 million

A 14.93-carat Fancy Vivid pink diamond has sold for a whopping $31,861,000 at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Hong Kong. The impressive sale gave the stone the distinction of matching a world-record per-carat price for a pink diamond; a price that surpasses what comparable pink diamonds have sold for in recent years.

“The Pink Promise Diamond,” is a pink oval mixed cut stone that had delighted collectors and jewelry lovers as it toured New York, Geneva and Hong Kong prior to the auction. Its Fancy Vivid Pink designation by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) represents the rarest and most prized color grade in pink diamonds. The seller had originally purchased the diamond as a 16.10 carat Fancy Intense pink diamond in June of 2013. He believed that re-cutting the stone could achieve a higher color grade, so with the help of a master gem-cutter, he undertook the risky mission of cutting the stone away facet by facet, trimming away the carats.

Ultimately the risk paid off with the re-cut stone securing a Fancy Vivid pink color grading and VVS1 clarity. There are so many puns hidden in here about discovering a “diamond in the rough”, but we’ll leave you to marvel at the giant and ultra-rare pink diamond instead.

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