Chinese Emperor Kangxi’s seal bought for 4.7 mn euros.

Beige square soapstone was discovered by an auctioneer in a closer and he decided to give it a shot at making some extra bucks. After digging a bit more he realized that the object was the seal of Chinese Emperor Kangxi and was considered extinct in china. There were just 130 personal seals of the similar kind in existence. It weighs about three kilograms and is placed in its original box with a painted, ivory medallion. It stands 14 cm high and is 10 cm wide. The text in the seal includes six red letters that read “Kangxi yubi bao zhi” (Grand imperial seal of the brush during the reign of Kangxi).

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The seal was sold to the Chinese in Toulouse for 4.7 million euros, that’s over 7.2 million dollars!