Christie’s offers a rare pistol styled watch and perfume sprinkler

Hong Kong will witness a sale of 550 rare Important Watches from the famous Christie’s collection on November 30th,, 2011. The total value of this unparalleled collection is over $11 million! Vintage and modern watches in complicated designs, 1940’s wristwatches and present day collector items will all be on show at the event. One of the show stoppers this season is a pistol styled watch which has a perfume sprinkler combined into it. You have never seen such an extraordinary piece of work. It has cleverly infused 19th century Swiss technology with beautiful craftsmanship to reveal the skill practiced in the olden days in China. It is valued at $350,000 – 550,000 and besides being a part of a very rare sample of the clocks and automata expected by the Imperial court in China, this style was also very much in demand amongst the European aristocrats, royal families, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Also watch out for the striking series of ornately decorated Chinese market enamels and pocket watches along with spectacular jeweled watches. Other highlights of this show include a previously unrecorded enamel and diamond-set ring watch which is still in its original fitted box since 1810! Take a glance back in time to the timepieces that where desired by royalty and the aristocracy alike.

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