Christie’s unveil two legendary jewels for New York auction

The first major jewelry sale of Christie’s for the year 2010 is scheduled to take place on 22nd April. The major attractions or crowd-pullers at this sale are two exquisite jewels, the Emperor Maximilian Diamond and the Catherine the Great Emerald and Diamond Brooch. The two rare gems will be seen in public after decades and are sure to fetch record-breaking sums at this sale. Emperor Maximilian Diamond weighs 39.55 carats and is estimated to fetch between $1million and $1.5million. The exceptional jewel was one of two large diamonds Archduke Maximilian acquired in Brazil in 1860. Legend holds that Maximilian was wearing the Emperor Maximilian Diamond in a small satchel tied around his neck when he was executed. After exchanging several ownerships, the diamond was acquired by its current owner. The upcoming auction marks the first public viewing of this historically significant diamond since 1982.

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The Catherine the Great Emerald and Diamond Brooch is another stunning jewel expected to fetch $1million – $1.5million at the auction. Considered one of the most outstanding jewels globally, this brooch features a hexagonal-cut Colombian emerald of exceptional quality, weighing between 60 and 70 carats. An exquisite creation, the emerald is set within rows of rose and old mine-cut diamonds and mounted in silver-topped gold. The jewel originally belonged to o Catherine II of Russia, who ascended to the Russian throne in 1762 and was known as one of the greatest jewelry collectors of all time. The brooch remained the property of the next three generations of the noble house of Hohenzollern. In 1972 it was sold to a private American buyer whose estate is now offering the elegant jewel for sale through Christie’s.
With their sheer quality and great histories, both the jewels are sure to make history at the jewelry sale in April.

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