Chrysler 300C car autographed by stars is estimated to fetch $1million for Haiti victims

The tragic Haiti earthquake has stunned the entire world. People from all races and regions are contributing to help aid the victims of this disaster. And our glam folks from Hollywood are definitely showing their concern too. At the recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony, all-stars present (300 to be precise) autographed a special edition “eco style” Chrysler 300C. The Chrysler Group LLC exhibited this car at the entrance of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will soon auction it to raise money for the Haitian people. The company estimates the autographed car will fetch $1million!

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Furthermore, together with the Dick Clark Productions company, the Chrysler brand has also partnered with ‘Stars for a Cause’ to donate six eco-friendly cars to be auctioned to selected charities proposed by the stars. The stars, Meryl Streep, Christina Aguilera, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Felicity Huffman, and Colin Firth, arrived at the Golden Globe ceremony 6 limited edition Chrysler 300C cars.
The eco-friendly car is made of environmentally friendly materials, including cork, bamboo, jute, recycled carpet, etc. Each star will auction and donate the 300C that accompanied him/her at the event to an organization of their choice.
A great effort, we are sure there will be many more such fund raisers to help the victims of the tragic earthquake.

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