Claude Monet’s Haystack painting sells for a whopping $110.7 million on auction

Ardent art lovers can spend millions when it comes to buying their favorites. And when its work as exquisite as that of Claude Monet, there’s hardly a doubt in our mind as to its worth. However, boggling many with its outstanding sale price is an exclusive ‘Haystack’ painting by the artist that has recently fetched a whopping $110.7 on sale.

An oil painting from 1890, the revered piece forms part of Monet’s Meules (Haystacks) series that failry depicts the rural life near his home in the Normandy region. The entire fleet consists of over 25 paintings, most of which are now sold for whopping numbers across the world. The latest in the lot to be sold was previously owned by a family for nearly a century who had bought it directly from the artist’s dealer. It was then auctioned in the year 1986 for $2 million, before it was finally raking in a steep $110.7 at the recently held Sotheby’s auction in New York.

As per Sotheby’s, the painting is now the ninth-most expensive work ever sold at auction. It also happens to be first Impressionist painting to sell for more than $100m and the only one of Meules works to be auctioned for a sum as huge. The record for the most expensive Monet painting was previously held by Nymphéas en fleur that was sold for $84.7 million in May last year.


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