Complete with a bible, pistol and a crucifix. An antique vampire-slaying kit is up for auction

Lovers of the Dark – Here’ an interesting piece of information for you! The folks at Hanson auctioneers are all set to offer an exclusive ‘vampire-slaying’ kit for sale. Yes, that’s right! A treasure from the from yesteryears, the gothic package comes with a 19th-century bible, crucifixes, and a pocket pistol.

Available as a brass box lined with crimson silk, the kit houses eight compartments in total that hold a copy of the New Testament published in 1842; a knife with a silver blade; a percussion cap pocket pistol; pliers, crucifixes and rosary beads; a vial with a metal lid, and a small flask containing sharks’ teeth. On the inside of the box’s lid is an oval enamel painting showing Christ’s resurrection and an ivory carving of a wolf placed next to it.

There is little information on the history of the box and the current owner is said to have purchased it three years ago at an antiques fair in Nottinghamshire, England. Commenting on it, the owner who resides in West Midlands in the U.K said, “I loved the look of the Gothic box and, when I opened it, I just had to have it,” he further added, “I thought it was so interesting — a great conversation piece.”
The exclusive ‘Vampire Slaying Kit’ is estimated to be worth anywhere between $2500-$3500 and will be offered as part of an online auction of antiques and collectibles, beginning July 16.

[Via: FR24 News English]

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