Confrérie Horlogère Clef du Temps Tourbillon watch lets you slow down time

How many times have we wished for time to stand still or even move faster? But sadly time and tide wait for none. However, a unique creation promises to let you control this phenomenon (or at least makes you feel like you do). The creation is a breathtaking timepiece known as Clef du Temps Tourbillon created by Mathias Buttet, founder of Confrérie Horlogère. The timepiece incorporates a mechanism that allows the owner to modulate the speed of time i.e. to control the running speed of the hours, minutes and seconds displayed by the watch.
The unique feature is achieved by a three-position crown at 9 o’clock, as follows:

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Crown position 1: the pace of time slows by half, so the value of one normal hour is displayed as a half-hour on the dial.
Crown position 2: the pace of time is normal, i.e. one hour remains one hour.
Crown position 3: the pace of time is doubled, so a half-hour becomes a full hour as displayed on the watch.
No matter how long the watch is left in position 1 or position 3, returning the crown to position 2 instantly returns the hands to the correct current time. The Clef du Temps Tourbillon displays running seconds via a retrograde indicator at 4 o’clock, and the remaining power reserve is displayed at 8 o’clock. The case is crafted grade 5 titanium and the strap is composed of eight rubber-clad strands and a deployant clasp that features the Confrérie Horlogère logo. The unique design of the case gives this watch a futuristic hi-tech appearance.
The Clef du Temps Tourbillon carries a lifetime warranty, and every part and component of the watch is Swiss-made. The novel timepiece will be produced in a limited edition of just 24 pieces. The Clef du Temps prototype fetched the second highest price of €280,000 ($410,000) at the recent Only Watch charity auction.

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