Crystalline Gold specimen on auction by Heritage Auctions

In today’s currency dominated world, the precious yellow metal still plays a defining role. Given its depleting status, collectors are willing to shell out thousands of dollars to acquire this metal in its various forms. If you are an avid gold collector, you must have definitely heard about Crystalline Gold specimens, which form a tiny percentage of the world’s total gold supply. The crystalline gold is defined by certain criteria such as the presence of large, well-defined, undamaged crystals; Specula rather than matte luster; High percentage of actual Gold for the richness of color; Presence of host rock matrix; Aesthetic arrangement of crystals; Freedom from “enhancements” or exotic treatments, i.e., acid etching of host rock; and finally Overall size of the specimen.

Given these criteria, Eagle Nest Mines’s latest discovery can be said to be one amazing find. So good is this specimen that any museum would love to display. The form seems to grow as it rises from a white Quartz matrix, with splashes of burnt sienna surrounding spots of included Gold. In excellent condition, this specimen flaunts rich, buttery reflections from a multitude of shining faces.
Sure to be the crown jewel of your collection, this specimen has a custom labeled acrylic base. For the interested collector, this specimen is available for auction with a starting bid of $140,000 from Heritage auctions.

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