Diamond studded 16GB iPhone 3G on auction at Billionairexchange.com

A diamond-studded iPhone tops the list of luxurious mobile phones. So if you weren’t impressed with Goldstriker’s Platinum & Diamond iPhone, here is another bling version of the phone. Jeac Boutique is auctioning a beautiful diamond-encrusted iPhone 3G luxury mobile phone on billionairexchange.com. The beautiful luxury mobile phone has been lined by exquisite 3.7ct of 124 individual Cartier-style white diamonds on all four edges. The sparkling mobile phone boasts of 16GB memory besides the other common features of an iPhone. A symbol of luxury, this phone is sure to get you noticed wherever you go. The phone also comes with free insurance and free worldwide delivery. The auction began on August 17 and is scheduled to end on September 16. The starting bid for this luxurious phone is $14,000.

Interested buyers for this sparkling phone had better start bidding right away.

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