DoNuts Table

A no-nonsense table-seating combo, DoNuts Table is just what you’d need for your garden. You can move the table wherever you wish to use it…..on the terrace, on the grass, in the sun or in the shadow. Just enjoy the weather with do nuts! At a whopping 74.8″ diameter, the table top’s round curves allow you to sit at the table or lean against it very comfortably. The inflatable seating part is made from superior quality nylon in a round donut-like shape. Upon joining the table you will notice there is plenty of space for six people.

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The backrest, as well as the ergonomic tabletop, are designed for optimum comfort. Compared to other garden tables, the light DoNuts table introduces mobility into the garden. Priced at $3900, you can have a round-table donut session wherever you want!