Einstein makes a record for Longines, his piece sells for $596,000

The late Albert Einstein noted Professor of physics, who gave us the various theories of relativity, is back in the news. No, you’re wrong, its not because some smart Alec thinks he has found an error in the great Professor’s theory and is ready to challenge his already challenging equations. This time, he is in the spotlight for his contribution to the Longines brand of watches. Wondering what difference could he make to them? Well, here’s the answer to your query. Antiquorum auctioned off Albert Einstein’s 1930 Longines wristwatch last week. And hold your breath, the watch fetched a sum of!

Apparently, this is a price 2000% higher than the estimated price. Making a record for any Longines at an auction. The watch is inscribed to “Prof. Albert Einstein,” and is also marked with the date on which it was presented to him, February 16, 1931. Guess the phrase Old is gold definitely applies to this Professor.

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