Enter the Tonino Lamborghini Ciclotte exercise cycle that lets you train and style and look good while doing it too

For the fitness focused individuals who have money to spend and love riding in style, even if it means staying put, the Tonino Lamborghini Ciclotte is just what you need. Embodying all the slick looks and streamlined accents of their vehicles, the Ciclotte is the exercise bike that was made for those who live the high life, love staying in shape and are fans of the famous luxury supercar maker.

ciclotte-tonino-lamborghini-exercise-cycle-2The Ciclotte takes on a very unconventional design and the aesthetic appeal of what customers have come to appreciate of Lamborghini. We know that the company has already delved into the world of racing bicycles with their impec cycle designed in collaboration with BMC Switzerland, so this was probably the next step. What really makes it quite a sight to behold is the shape that looks quite like a “bull” which is deeply symbolic of the company logo. Decked out in red and or black and featuring the company’s famous logo up front it almost makes you wish it could actually be ridden off its struts and onto the street. Just like any exercise bike, the Ciclotte also comes with variable speeds to help you develop those leg muscles and has been carefully crafted to mimic street cycling as best as possible.

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ciclotte-tonino-lamborghini-exercise-cycle-1Luca Schieppati, Milan’s leading designer, is the one behind the blueprints of this awesome machine. Materials such as carbon and steel (for the frame), carbon fibre (handle bar) and glass fibres have been meticulously crafted together to bring the Ciclotte to the fitness machine realm.

The Ciclotte is already available online via Harrods or the company website for a price of $11,486 (€10,490) excluding VAT and delivery charges. It’ll be available in Steel or Marine with a choice of colors viz. Red or black. There’s also a model that’s made with Swarovski Zirconia in case you want to be a little flashier during your workout. This exercise bike extraordinaire is available worldwide. And what high-end luxury item would be complete without an Apple accessory; so the Ciclotte also allows for a custom built stand (sold separately) that allows you to dock your iPhone or iPad to add a little more ‘fun’tionality to your exercise regime.

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