Famous music memorabilia of The Beatles rakes in a lot of moolah

All the Beatles’ fans will be interested to know that Beatles’ memorabilia has fetched a hefty sum of money. Sgt. Peppers drum skin that featured on the album cover sold for a whopping price of £541,250 ($1.07m). That might be the costliest sale, but it doesn’t end there. The lyrics of Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon went for an extremely high price of £421,250 ($833,000). Also, this legendary song writer’s prescription sunglasses which he wore on the cover of Mind Games fetched £39,650 ($78,400). The Beatles weren’t the only famous musicians to raise large amounts of money however. Jimi Hendrix’ recordings at the Wobrun Music Festival in July 1968 sold for 48,050 ($95,000) along with an amplifier used by him that got £25,000 ($49,400). A crazy sale was his flared trousers that made a decent sum of £20,000 ($39,550). The story doesn’t end here, Pete Townsend of the Who fame had his 1967 Gibson guitar sell for £32,450 ($64,200). Whew, that’s a lot of money. A pity these musicians aren’t around to witness how immortal their fame is.

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