First class menu from Titanic’s last luncheon sold for a whopping $88,000

More than a century has passed since the magnificent Titanic liner found its way to the deep end of the Atlantic Ocean, taking with it almost 1500 helpless voyagers. Over the years, we have witnessed auctions of several memorabilia from the tragic accident including a rare old chair at $152,000 and the violin played on deck at $1,520,000. Now a menu served to first-class passengers at their last luncheon has resurfaced, and has been sold through an online auction to a private collector for a staggering $88,000.

Stamped with the prominent White Star Line logo and with the ill-fated date of April 14, 1912, the menu entailed grilled mutton chops and custard pudding; corned beef; mashed, fried and baked jacket potatoes; a buffet of fish, ham and beef; an apple meringue pastry; and a selection of eight cheeses.

The menu preserved by Abraham Lincolm Salomon, a voyager who survived on the apparent “money boat” lifeboat filled with wealthy passengers, is rumoured to be one of the four menus from the ship’s last luncheon to be preserved.

While $88,000 may be seem like a whopping amount for a menu card, we’re not all that surprised. In 2012, two menus combined sold at a British auction for $160,000.

[ Via : Time ]

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