First Eclipse 500 auctioned for 1.8 million

Buying stuff off shelf, however costly, is no match to wining a bid for something exclusive at an auction. That’s exactly what Mr. Morten Wagner from Denmark believes. This Danish businessman is the winner of the first auction of the Eclipse 500 by bidding $1,833,945. However the list price of an Eclipse 500 is $1,719.942.60 and the reserve for the auction was $1,633.945.47. Wagner is supposed to be present at the company’s headquarters in Albuquerque this week to pick up his plane. Jump over for a bit of more info about Mr. Wagner.

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He is the founder of an internet company called Freeway and plans to use his new plane for business travel throughout Europe, and to travel between his homes in London, Spain, and Denmark. He currently flies a Cirrus SR22 but has had his eye on the Eclipse for a while.