Five gold plated Chandeliers with Swaorvski crystals to go under the hammer

Exquisite chandeliers are a symbol of luxury and class. And almost every plush abode adorns its ceiling with a beautiful lighting structure. If you, too, are looking for that perfect chandelier to cast a majestic glow across your rooms, a look at’s latest auction is definitely a must. The website is auctioning five unusual and worldwide unique crystal chandeliers made on order by a German specialist company. Due to certain circumstances, they could not be delivered to the person who ordered them, and hence now they are available via this unique auction to interested bidders. All five chandeliers are gold plated and made from genuine STRASS Swarovski-crystal. The five different chandeliers vary in size and design. The auction named Unique Chandeliers is sure to attract bidders from far and wide. The opening bid for these exquisite five chandeliers is a whopping EUR 1,200,000 ($1,709,380). The auction, which began on 20 July, is scheduled to close on 5 September.

So if you have the moolah and the high ceiling to accommodate these lighting structures, participating in this auction is definitely a must for you. For more information regarding the auction and the items click here.

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