Framed autographs of Super heavyweight boxing champions to go under the hammer in Moscow

Celebrity autographs are cherished keepsakes for fans and collectors alike. It’s not every day that a famed superstar parts with his signature for you to hold on for life. And there is no dearth of loyal fans who can pay any price to get such a keepsake. That being said, you can now show off your love for boxing, as autographs of super heavyweight boxing champions set within a 112 cm x 135 cm frame, weighing 11 kg, can be yours to keep.

Selling for $25,000, the art will be delivered to its new owner (deliveries are restricted within Moscow limits) within 7 days. So if you’ve missed out in the boxing gloves and autographed Muhammad Ali memorabilia, then this baby is the perfect gift for your knight in shining armor!

[Bon-Cadeau – Russian]

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