Frankenstein insert movie poster sells for a record breaking $262,900

A Frankenstein insert movie poster sold at this weekend’s Heritage Auctions movie poster sale in Dallas for a record-breaking $262,900. What makes this poster special is that it’s an insert poster of the 1931 horror monster film, which is totally different from a conventional poster. This is because it is printed on card stock and designed to be inserted in the display cases in movie theaters. More so, measuring up to 14 inches in width and 36 inches in height, it has been confirmed that this is the only insert poster for the seminal Universal Pictures release still in existence, which increases the value of the poster.

The previous owner of the record-setting Frankenstein poster, Keith Johnson of Ottawa, Illinois, had acquired it from an antique store when he was a teenager in 1968 or 1969. And for almost 30 years now, the poster has been lying in his closet, unattended.

The Heritage Auctions accumulated more than $1.86 million from its sale this weekend, including movie posters and assorted film memorabilia.


[Via – Artinfo]

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