Fully functioning with a working copper boiler – This 9-foot long replica of 1920’s steam train may fetch $100,000

Do you have a fascination with all things locomotive? If yes, then here’s a deal that will have your excitement plunging to a whole new level. We’re talking about a model of King Richard I – the 1920s Great Western Railway engine that could now be yours for an estimated price of $98,780 (£80,000). Yes, that’s right!

The spotless and fully-functioning model measures a total of 9ft and is one of the most stunning replicas to be auctioned to date. It is complete with a copper boiler, a pressure gauge, brakes, lamps, and a water tank and is aptly modeled after the real locomotive that was taken out of service and scrapped in the year 1962. The luxe miniature version further features a coat of glistening green with the Great Western Railway name stamped across it in bright yellow. It also boasts signaling lamps and other exquisite detailing that match the original train’s make to the tee.

Commenting on the model’s detailed crafting, Michael Matthews of Dreweatts auctioneers in Donnington, Berkshire, said: “Model makers devote their lives to their craft. We do speak to disgruntled families who say they never see them because they are always in the shed” He further added, “There are some truly exceptional models in this sale. They are works of art, but also built exactly like the real thing so they produce steam and can run”. Train enthusiasts, this one’s not to be missed!


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