Get your personal life sized T-Rex Skeleton for $2.39 million

Missed your chance to add a stegosaurus to your living room? Never fear, you can still get your hands on a T-rex for the price of $2,390,000; some would say that’s a steal! After all, how often do you get to buy a fossilized T-rex skeleton with 45% of its bones? The dimensions of this specimen are 38ft (l) x12ft (h) x 10ft (w), and it’s anywhere between 72 – 65.5 million years old. So, your ratty threadbare jeans aren’t going to be the oldest thing you own anymore!

tyrannosaurus-rex-skeleton (2)
This particular specimen has been nicknamed Roosevelt (after FDR, of course!) and sold by Theropod Expeditions. With 45% of its bones in place, this skeleton is more complete than many of its cousins displayed at museums! Made up of fossils collected from Montana and Wyoming, this T-Rex is a rare investment, and we’re sure that collectors have their ears perked up.
In the past, dinosaur skeletons have found unlikely homes (including a mall), so it will be interesting to see where this one ends up. As much as it belongs in a museum, we’re kind of hoping it’s snapped up by an eccentric billionaire who’ll make it part of their living room décor. Can you imagine, how amusing it would look right next to this hippo sofa?
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