Giacometti’s Pointing Man is expected to fetch around $130 million at Christie’s NY Auction

This innocuous looking sculpture of a “Pointing Man” might be a lot more noteworthy than you think. Created by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, the sculpture is expected to smash records for sculptures sold for auctions with an estimate that’s close to $130 million. The Pointing Man will go under the hammer at Christie’s New York on May 11th, this is the first time it will be sold at auction.

Giacometti’s_Pointing ManThe sculpture is 5 feet ten inches high and made of bronze. It is one of the seven casts and one proof that Giacometti created in a single night in October 1947 and is believed to be the only one made from bronze. Four of the other casts are in major museums while the rest have found homes in private collections.

This bronze cast was purchased from the Pierre Matisse Gallery in 1953. By 1970 the Pointing Man had changed hands from the original owners Dr. Fred and Florence Olsen to the current owner who has kept it for 45 years. Giacometti has the distinction of being the only sculptor whose works are routinely expected to fetch over $100 million at auction.

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