Gold-plated bicycle with 35cc engine to go under the hammer

After going through a list of world’s most expensive bicycles, I can understand how useful a carbon fiber bike can be, but a gold-plated one doesn’t really serve any real purpose barring a high luxury quotient. However, if you differ in your opinion, then a gold plated bike with saddle, brake levers and pannier bags set in leather is going under the hammer. The bicycle also features a 35cc engine, so you don’t need to exercise a lot on it either.

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The customised Italian Tommasini gent’s tourer sports a gold-plated frame and parcel rack, with a 35cc auxiliary motor, with a gold-plated fuel tank for steep climbs. Estimated at £2,000 ($3,170), auctioneer Malcolm Claridge says, ‘The vendor believes the bicycle is one of a limited edition of only two in the world and it comes complete with the original Swiss hand-written bill of sale from 1995.’

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