Half smoked cigar of Winston Churchill fetches over $7000 at auction

Items once touched or used by celebrities of the bygone era have always fetched some of the highest amounts at auctions. But it is not just stars from the glam world who command such response. Even great leaders of the past have a fan following that is enough to rival many A-list super stars. One such leader is the late Winston Churchill. At a recent auction, a half smoked cigar abandoned by the former British Prime Minister sold for more than $7000! What is more, this particular cigar still carries a personalized label bearing the leaders name.

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The cigar was tossed aside by Mr. Churchill as he headed to an urgent meeting of his cabinet in 1941. The abandoned cigar was kept as a souvenir by a member of his domestic staff who later sent it as a gift to a friend. She wrote on Downing Street paper that it was a souvenir of one of the greatest men who ever lived in England.
And seeing the amount the half used cigar fetched, we can only nod in consent.

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