Hublot Antikythera mechanism timepiece is up for auction

The Antikythera mechanism has left many a watch-lover marveled and mystified. Hublot brought this 2100-year-old marvel of clock making back to life a while ago, compressing it into a wrist-watch. Only four of these technological marvels rooted back to the ancient world were created by Hublot, one of which will now be up for auction. The remaining three have found permanent homes in museums across Europe. This last one for auction comes complete with elliptical and planetary gear systems, a tribute to the Antikythera mechanism. Also, the proceeds of the sale will go to the Archaeological Museum of Athens, and we’re sure watch-enthusiasts will soon trample over each other in a bid to get their hands on this tribute to a technological of the past, the Antikythera mechanism.


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