Iconic comic featuring the first appearance of Superman has been sold for $3.18 million

Superman fans may already know that the iconic character made its first appearance in the comic world in 1938 as part of Action Comics No. 1. And in a rare opportunity of sorts, a copy of the comic was recently sold for a cool $3.18 million. Yes, that’s right!

Brokered by Goldin Auctions on behalf of its private client, the sale was conducted for the particular copy of the DC Comics title is called “The Rocket Copy.” It is named such since it features a rocket stamp on it emblazoned by a 13-year-old who purchased the issue from the newsstand in 1938.

The copy is graded 6.0 by CGC, a service that authenticates the condition of comics. Other editions of Action Comics issues that have sold for a higher sum were graded 8.5 (selling for $3.25 million in April 2021) and 9.0 (selling for $3.2 million in August 2014).

Commenting on the sale, Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions tweeted, “It was fun bidding and winning a $3 mil + item. I know it’s going to a great home!” It is also worth noting that this is the first time “The Rocket Copy” of Action Comics No. 1 was auctioned.

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