Iconic Albert Einstein photo fetches $74,330 at auction

Years after his death, the late Albert Einstein still manages to make headlines. However, this time, the scientist is in the news for his image (literally) rather than his theories. The iconic photograph of the scientist sticking his tongue out was sold by a New Hampshire auction company on Friday for $74,330, making it the most expensive Einstein photograph to be ever sold at an auction! Arthur Sasse clicked the iconic photograph in 1951 while the scientist was celebrating his birthday at Princeton University. Arthur was convincing Einstein to pose for a photo, but the scientist stuck his tongue out instead. Einstein apparently ordered nine copies of this mocking photograph and signed a print for news anchor Howard K. Smith who read as follows: “This gesture you will like because it is aimed at all of humanity. A civilian can afford to do what no diplomat would dare. Your loyal and grateful listener, A. Einstein ’53.” The photo with a rebellious message gives us a glimpse into the tough times when McCarthyism reached a high point in the United States, and scientists were asked to report on their colleagues.

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The photograph was purchased by David Waxman, a New York Store owner. Wonder if he reacted the same way (sticking his tongue out) when he outbid the rest of the buyers to claim this photo.

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