Jetpack Test Pilot opportunity got auctioned for $35,000

Here is one auction that will literally sweep you off the floor. New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft Company was actually auctioning the chance to be a test pilot for their new one-person flying system. The lucky winner has the chance to soar in this ultralight aircraft, which is moved by two large fans, and allows the pilot to be strapped in upright and control the machine with both hands. Currently, two auctions are underway, one on TradeMe and the other on eBay. The auction on TradeMe, for Kiwis only, was for a single flight to help “make the Martin Jetpack the world’s easiest to fly aircraft”, according to the item description. While the one on eBay, had received an opening bid of $30,000 for six flights, three days of training, and official certification as a jetpack test pilot. Scheduled to end on Thursday, some lucky skunk has won the bid for $35,101.

The auction was open to people aged 18 and above and who weigh less than 90kg. What is more, the company is reportedly selling 500 of these Jetpacks to an undisclosed government for search and rescue missions.
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