Jimi Hendrix’s first fire guitar auctions for almost $495,000!

Jimi Hendrix is to rock as oxygen is to breathing. The American guitarist, singer and songwriter torched the Fender Stratocaster at the end of a London gig in 1967. It has now gone under the hammer for a whopping $495,000. The scorched original was kept by Hendrix’s press officer, whose nephew found it last year. It was bought by music collector Daniel Boucher, 51, who travelled to the auction in Shoreditch, East London, from Boylston, Massachusetts, US. Boucher sure got a very good deal considering the guitar had been expected to go for $880,000

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Interestingly, he Beatles’ first contract was also a part of the auction which went for $18000 lot less than the $450,000 estimate. Too bad there weren’t many Beatles aficionados present.