John Lennon’s rotten tooth fetches double the estimated value

How much would you pay for a rotting tooth? Well nothing unless it was of some famous celebrity maybe..right? A Canadian dentist called Michael Zuk paid an astonishing £19,500 ($31,000) at the Stockport’s Omega Auctions on the 5th of November, 2011. The rotting tooth, initially estimated at £10,000 ($16,000), he purchased belonged to none other than the world famous Beatle, John Lennon. Zuk said, “This tooth just represents a major celebrity that we don’t have any more” and called the cavity filled tooth “priceless”. After a visit to the dentist, John Lennon had given this rotten tooth to his former housekeeper Dot Jarlett. He had told her she could either throw it away or keep it for her daughter as a souvenir. And boy did that souvenir really paid off years later when Barry’s sister decided to reveal this rotting marvel to the world.

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This should not surprise you though; most Beatles collectables have fetched good sums of money at auctions over the years including, John Lennon’s toilet seat which sold last year for $14,500 and bed linen that the band slept on for $ 958. It only figures then that the previous estimated cost of $ 16,101 for John Lennon’s tooth would double at the auction this week.

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