Juliens Auctions puts several Marilyn Monroe memorabilia including her chest X-ray under the hammer

Allowing fans a once in a lifetime chance to actually have an “inside” look at the late beauty, Marilyn Monroe, are Juliens Auctions who are auctioning a chest X-ray of the star. The X-ray was produced in November 1954 at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida, USA, and is expected to fetch $1,200 at the auction. In the X-ray, the curvaceous beauty has her hands on her hips, and the outline of her bust can also be made out. The actress had been admitted for surgery for endometriosis, a condition of the womb which caused her a lot of physical pain. Film footage shows the actress leaving two days after the X-ray was taken.

The x-ray carries her married name of Marilyn Di Maggio, as she was still married to American baseball star Joe Di Maggio. However, the couple had split and were going through divorce proceedings. A doctor working in the hospital’s radiology department later obtained the x-rays and used them to show them to students when he taught at the center’s medical school. The X-rays were eventually passed on to the doctor’s daughter, who is now offering them for sale.
Besides the X-ray, a couch from Marilyn’s shrink’s office is also being offered for sale at this auction. Monroe used the couch, estimated to be worth between $800 and $1,200 when psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson was treating her during the filming of the 1961 film “The Misfits.” An Italian-style carved chair with green velvet upholstery used in the star’s final photoshoot in 1962 is also up for bid.
The auction will also feature many unreleased pictures of the late star at a beach with co-star Tony Curtis on the set of the 1959 film “Some Like it Hot.” Fans can also bid for several Monroe memorabilia like her Chanel No. 5, her lingerie nightshirt, personal photos, bank statements, scripts, and signed checks.
The sale that is slated to take place at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino in Las Vegas on June 26 this year is sure to generate a lot of interest among Monroe fans.
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