KFC Japan President buys Colonel Sander’s white suit for $21,000

How comfortable can you get in another man’s attire? Apparently so, some find it an honor. And by some, I mean Masao “Charlie” Watanabe, the President of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan. News reveals that the enthusiastic Charlie purchased his company’s founder – “Colonel” Harland Sander’s trademark white suit at the Heritage Auctions event on Saturday for $21,510, post which he immediately tried the suit on!

A grin was evident on Charlie’s face after he put on the suit, posing beneath a photograph of Sanders. The KFC President also bought a mini-collection of Sander’s memorabilia from the auction, which included his 1973 Kentucky diver’s license for $1,912. He was one among multiple in-person, telephone, and online bidders at the event, trying to get a hold of their favorite bids. And these included a gun belt owned by legendary outlaw Jesse James and leg irons that restrained abolitionist John Brown.

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[Via – News-On-Japan]

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