Kneeling Hitler statue is the most expensive piece of Nazi memorabilia

A statue of Adolf Hitler created by artist Maurizio Cattelan sold for a staggering $17.2 million at auction. The sculpture was titled “Him” and features Hitler on his knees with his hands joined, he seems to be looking upwards. The sculpture had been created way back in 2001 using materials like human hair, wax and polyester resin.

“Hitler is pure fear. It’s an image of terrible pain. It even hurts to pronounce his name. And yet that name has conquered my memory. It lives in my head, even if it remains taboo,”Cattelan said. “I wanted to destroy it myself. I changed my mind a thousand times, every day.”

The piece was sold at a specially curated auction with expectations that it would only bring in a fraction of the price that it finally sold for.


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