Kobe’s two championship rings fetch over $282,000 at an auction

Kobe Bryant is one among the most versatile NBA players who deserves the hefty paychecks he receives. He is a star in his own right, and has to his credit brand associations that one could be proud of. The recent news on Kobe reveals that two NBA championship rings that the basketball player had gifted his parents, each estimated at $10,000, sold for more than $100,000 at the Goldin Auctions, which closed early Saturday morning.

A total of six lots from the Bryant memorabilia were sold for a combined $433,531 in the month-long auction. The ring the player gifted his father Joe, sold for $176,708, while his mother, Pamela’s ring went for a little lesser – $109,720.

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Other items sold, that belonged to the star, were: Bryant’s 2000 NBA All-Star game ring, which sold for $55,597, two game-worn uniforms from high school and a medallion and ribbon from the 1996 Magic’s Roundball Classic. Of the sale, Goldin Auctions will be donating $62,565 to The Bully Project, a Kobe Bryant supported charity.

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[Via – Goldin-Auctions and NBA]

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