Lady Gaga auctions her tea cup to help artists in Japan

Lady Gaga’s affair with Tea Cups and Auctions isn’t novel to us. However, the latest charity auction featuring a teacup used by the pop diva is something of celebrity status, with bids soaring higher than four million yen. ($50,000) Lady Gaga drank from the china cup and saucer at a press conference in Tokyo three months after the massive tsunami of March last year that swept across the large coastline. She then decided to auction the cup, marked with the lipstick and bearing the Japanese message “We pray for Japan” along with the star’s autograph. All the proceeds from the auction would assist young Japanese artists who want to study in the United States.
Update – The teacup and saucer have been sold for more than 6.0 million yen ($73,700).

The cup’s starting bid went from a mere 1 yen to more than 4.1 million yen at the “Yahoo! Japan Auctions,” and the auction is set to finish midnight Sunday. Gaga would also be visiting Japan next week for an Asian Tour.

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