Le Renard is the highlight of the rare Lalique Mascot Collection of El Chesney

RM Auctions, the official auction house of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is going to host its 14th annual Amelia island sale in Northeast Florida on 10th of March. One of the most exquisite line-ups that we’re going to see here is the exceptionally rare Lalique Mascot Collection of El Chesney, recognized as one of the foremost female collectors of antique automobiles in the United States. One of as few as three complete sets of the 30 mascots comprising the 1932 Lalique catalogue are going to be featured at the sale and ‘Le Renard’ (The Fox), the rarest Lalique of all is going to headline the collection. It is one of only seven known to exist.

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Lalique mascots have been heavily contested at auctions in the past attracting strong prices. The collection which will be sold as a single lot is estimated to fetch a whopping $800,000- $1,200,000. It will be accompanied by two large display cases, custom made for this collection.