Leonore Annenberg’s 32 Carat diamond ring sells for $7.7 Million at Christie’s

If you were wondering what could be the most expensive piece of diamond to have been auctioned recently, this 32.01-carat emerald cut diamond that billionaire philanthropist Leonore Annenberg bought for her 90th birthday could be the one. This lovely piece of stone is a good walnut-sized colorless diamond, and it is held by a ring designed by David Webb, a famous jeweler from Manhattan, New York. Leonore passed away in March at the age of 91, and the ring with the diamond was auctioned off at Christie’s, and it fetched an amazing $7.7 Million.

The NYC auction house had estimated it would fetch between $3 million to $5 million. The diamond is immaculate, and you would be left wondering why diamonds are called a woman’s best friend since it looks like everybody’s best friend! You could check out how the whole world is crazy about diamonds when you read about the Royal Diamond Chess and also the 512 Carat Diamond Idol of a Hindu God.
Via: Associated Press

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