Lesney Dumper Truck fetches $15,000 to become most expensive Matchbox toy

It’s not just rare jewels and priceless paintings that create records at auctions but toys as well. Yes, several toys have fetched record-breaking sums at various auctions. At a recent auction held at the Matchbox Club’s 25th convention in Harrogate, a rare Matchbox toy fetching a record-breaking sum. The aforementioned toy was a 1955 produced Lesney dumper truck that fetched a winning bid of £10,200 ($15,000)! The high price fetched by the toy has made it the world’s most expensive Matchbox toy to be ever sold, beating the previous record of £7,500 for a Matchbox toy.

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A rare toy, it was one of only six prototypes that never went into production as the company opted for a smaller version. The one sold at the auction is believed to be the only surviving prototype out of the six. Mr. Yoshise, the elderly previous owner, decided to part with it as he thought it was time the truck went to a younger toy collector.
The new owner of the Matchbox toy must surely be rejoicing about his latest achievement.

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