Limited edition writing instruments create new records in the world of auctions

With computers and emails becoming a prevalent communication mode, writing by hand is more of a leisure activity or a hobby for many. Most people I know use a pen to sign their name merely! And some people elude style even if they’re just signing autographs! A rare auction in Los Angeles, Bonhams & Butterfields announced a unique auction of Montblanc writing instruments. The auction saw the sale of 130 exclusive pens for over $715,000 totally. The Axis Mundi Limited Edition 101 Fountain Pen by Montblanc created a world record by being taken at $23,790.

An honor for the Taipei 101, the pen features the new emblem of Taiwan. The pen has been crafted in the white gold skeleton, and the joints are laced with diamonds. The cone spots a larger diamond circle of 14.9 cm. The rhodium nib is engraved with a Chinese dragon and is plated with 18-carat gold. The pen is presented in a black lacquered box with the original packaging and papers.
The other highlight of the auction was the Fortune Number 88 limited edition fountain pen. Associated with good fortune, the Fortune Number 88 features a clear body covered in red gold latticework design spotting interlocking “8” shape. The cap and cone are encircled with eight rings, and the clip comes with a diamond-studded figure “8”. The pen created auction history after it was picked up at a whopping $25,620.

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