Lock of Napoleon Bonaparte’s hair fetches $13,000 at auction

Napoleon Bonaparte will forever be remembered as one of the most influential leaders/emperor’s of France. His actions were responsible for shaping the politics of Europe in the early 19th century. Nearly two hundred years after his death, he still manages to soar high in popularity rankings. This was evident at a recent auction held by Art+Object Auction House in New Zealand where a lock of hair cut from Napoleon Bonaparte’s head after he died fetched $13,000. The lock of hair was cut by Denzil Ibbeston, a British commissary officer and artist, a day after Napoleon’s death in 1821 on the island of St. Helena.

The circle of hair was part of a collection brought to New Zealand in 1864 by Ibbetson, who served on St. Helena during the six years that Napoleon was held on the island after being defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. The descendants of Ibbetson auctioned the collection of 40 items. The collection included sketches of Napoleon on his death bed by Ibbetson.
The auction of Napoleon memorabilia attracted bidders from across the globe. An unnamed collector from London brought the lock of hair.

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