Lucian Freud’s painting sets world record sells for $33.6 million.

Works of art by those who have passed away are immortal and priceless. It’s only the living few who have a price tag to compete for in order to make a mark on the Guinness book of world records. And the most recent name to top the chart is Lucian Freud. His portrayal of an obese nude woman (Sue Tilley, 51, Supervisor of Jobcentre) asleep has invoked more than a few currency notes to be spent. The lady posed for the 85-year-old painter for four years and even called herself his muse. She got the name, “Big Sue” and was introduced to the artist by one Mr. Leigh Bowery.

The painting touched the previous record mark by Freud ($19.3 million) and crossed it big time, by selling off for $33.6 million.