Man pays a whopping $75,000 to be Tiger Woods’ caddie for one day

Golf enthusiasts can do anything to be around or just as much as see Tiger Woods in action. And while the statement is true, a certain gentleman went leaps ahead to corroborate it by offering $75,000 to be the golf giant’s caddie for a match. The amount was offered in a winning bid over the weekend at Woods’ annual Tiger Jam fundraising event in Las Vegas.

The lucky bidder happens to be Daniel Gilbert – founder and CEO of National Funding who as a reward will get to carry around Wood’s golf bag at the Hero World Challenge Pro-Am, which is scheduled for Dec. 3 at Albany, in the Bahamas. He will replace Woods’ regular caddie, Joe LaCava for the day while turning millions of the pro golfer’s fans green with envy. Gilbert’s winning bid exceeded the $50,000 paid last year for the cause, the entire proceeds of which will go to TGR Foundation that helps develop educational resources for underserved students.

Other items at the auction included trips to the Bahamas and Diamante Cabo San Lucas (where Woods has designed a state-of-the-art golf course) both of which each went under the hammer for $20,000. There was also a Virtual Green putting a machine that was auctioned for $22,500. But for now, its Gilbert with his $75,000 bid and an exclusive caddie job for the win!


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