Maradona’s white gold earring fetches $36,060 at auction

Legendary footballer Maradona has rubbed the government the wrong way as he failed to pay tax on his earnings. The former Argentinian player owes Italy more than 36 million Euros ($51.9million) in unpaid taxes. In an attempt to make up for some of the money, the Italian tax officials have seized many of Maradona’s belongings. One such item seized by the officials is the diamond-studded gold earring. The exquisite earring was sold at an auction recently and fetched 25,000 Euros ($36,060), much higher than its estimated price of 5,500 Euros ($7,930). The white gold earring came accompanied with a copy of a police charge sheet with Maradona’s signature and was bought by a woman with a Neapolitan accent at an auction in Bolzano, in north-eastern Italy. The lady refused to give her identity but claimed she was extremely satisfied with the purchase.

And if you think the woes of the Argentinian player are over, think again. An Italian taxpayer’s association estimates that Maradona’s debt has accrued a further 22.4 million Euros ($32.3million) in interest!

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