Marilyn Monroe Mirror art to help raise money for the Marina Dalglish cancer appeal

Talk about celebs, and no one has earned as much as Marilyn Munroe, albeit not often for herself or her kind. And this time, too, the blonde actress is out to support a major cause. This stunning mirrored aluminum recreation of Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned to help raise money for the Marina Dalglish appeal. The Swarovski crystal creation is the first of just 50 by Southport artist Clare Wright. Called the ‘Marilyn On Mirror’it has been donated to the cancer appeal and will be auctioned off at an upcoming Knowsley Hall ball. Each piece in the series will be adorned with £500 worth of Swarovski crystals and will feature Claire’s trademark water and splash effect. This particular piece will be reproduced soon and will retail at around £3,000 ($ 4,800).

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