Marilyn Monroe’s bra auctioned off for $5,200

It finally seems apposite that a sex symbol has her assets or, rather, asset aid given its due worth. Almost 47 years after the death of Marylyn Monroe, her bra that was worn by her in movies in the late 1950s is sold off by London auction house International Autograph Auctions last weekend. Last month, Marylyn Monroe’s other memorabilia such as the silk feather scarf, a vintage necklace, and a couple of other accessories fetched more than the estimated price. The unidentified winning bidder was a caller from Hong Kong, who purchased the bra for $5,200, which I think is a tad underpriced for such intimate clothing of such a big international icon. The cream-colored sling-strapped bra enhanced the actress’s breast-lift and gave the illusion that she did not wear a bra at all.

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Also the design of the double cups and the placement of the sling straps helped keep her futuristic garments under wraps. I’m sure every woman would run to a vintage lingerie shop after they know what these hot cups could do to their bodies.

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