Michael Jordan’s 30 year-old Nike Airs sell for a little less than $100k

Fan collectibles always sell big, even if they’re smelly old shoes worn by basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The Nike Air high-tops worn more than 30 years ago by Jordan during one of his games as a rookie, was sold earlier this week for whooping $71,000. The white with red highlight sneakers were worn by the star in a Chicago Bulls winning game against Los Angeles Lakers during the 1984-85 season. The shoes were then autographed by the sporty MJ and given to a Lakers ball boy, Khalid Ali, who asked Jordan for them right after the game. Khalid recently parted with the pair when he put the shoes up for sale through SCP Auctions. What a hard goodbye it must have been!

This pair, as exorbitant as it might seem, wasn’t the most expensive Jordan-worn memorabilia to be sold. The sneakers worn by the star for one of the most memorable ‘Flu Game’ in the 1997 NBA Finals, apparently sold for $104,800 in 2013. MJ die-hard fans, don’t feel sorry you missed out on his old collection when you can have a piece of his new collections.

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[via – Daily News 724]

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