Michael Jackson Energy Drink for auction on eBay

I still am trying to come to terms with the untimely death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Besides the innumerable controversies surrounding his death there are also various news of how people all over the world are now trying to make money by selling various Michael Jackson memorabilia. One such item is this unique can of Michael Jackson energy drink which is up for auction on eBay. One of the rarest energy drinks it was supposedly sold at Jackson’s HIStory World Tour. The unopened can has been put up on eBay by a Swedish fellow who has been saving it for the past 11 years. The head of PR at Mystery Management (a tour sponsor of the HIStory tour) claims that Michael not only agreed to sell the drink but also played a major role in its recipe. In fact it was on Michael’s request that the manufacturers didn’t put anything artificial in this drink. So if you are a true fan and feel that you must own this can, the Swedish man is demanding a whopping $50,000 for it.

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But here is some better news, apparently if you are resident of L.A. you can get this can at craigslist for just $800 or even get an empty can on eBay for just $10. It’s your choice guys. To bid for this can just click here.